Thursday, June 19, 2008


So, I've started working for GS Engineering & Construction, and so far it's going great. It's a major Korean construction firm, and they're pretty much all workaholics (no more 4-day workweeks), but our project is pretty stinking awesome - a $1Billion dollar set of 8 towers, up to 52 stories tall, representing a major sea change in the Cambodian economy.
My job so far is to work with the Planning & Procurement section - we prepare and review the bid documentation for all the subcontractors who will be doing the work. I'm not a jet pilot, but it's a little more exciting than designing catch basin screens.
So... thanks for all you're thoughts and prayers, I can hardly imagine a job I'd rather be a part of here. I'll try to give you guys more updates on my work soon. For now, you can read the news articles in my previous post.

GS E&C in the news

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