Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Dollar Top 10 (week 4 edition)

Top 10 ways to spend a dollar in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  1. 3 hours of internet access or a 20 minute call to the States at the internet cafe.
  2. Rice soup. Mmmmm... so good! It comes piping hot, with shrimp, fish pate', sprouts, ginger. Great stuff!
  3. A refil, delivered, for your 20-liter jug of drinking water.
  4. Getting your hair washed, complete with a facial wash and 5 minute shoulder rub. Very refreshing!
  5. Iced coffee (Only 3000 real) from Mr Bounarreth at the Russian Market. Best iced Coffee in Phnom Penh!
  6. A manicure of pedicure. I never knew my cuticles could look so nice!
  7. 1 KG of oranges
  8. A Moto-dop ride from one end of town to the other
  9. 2 Angkor beers from the ladies on the riverside.
  10. THE Phnom Penh Dollar!

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