Wednesday, August 19, 2009


For the first time ever, I am making a public release of one of my pet projects. This is a game that is fun for expats and visitors to Cambodia, but good luck if you've never been to southeast Asia.

Game Play:
  1. Use paper or a white board to draw the clue in the given time. (Some Examples)
  2. One team draws and guesses while the other team judges.
  3. You can make up your own rules for steals and lightning rounds.
Some notes:
  1. This game works on Microsoft Excel. I've never tried it with Open Office.
  2. You need to enable macros for the game to work. If macros are not enabled, the buttons won't do anything when you click them.
  3. This game might work on some versions of Excel for Mac. But don't count on it.
Please feel free to pass this along. My apologies for any spelling errors or grossly offensive content. Please email me with your suggestions for words to be added to the list! Keep an eye on this page for future updates, as I have several ideas planned.

And with no further ado: CAMBODIAN PICTIONARY v4.1

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Nova said...

josh, you & naomi are so cool! The 1st night I met u guys u took me to play tourist bingo or something like that -- hilarious!! Thanks for sharing your mastermind with us... And for using it for (mostly) good and not evil. :)